Reviewing Curaleaf Blue Dream Whole Flower

As always you can watch this review here: https://youtu.be/YqEA-pe2SFE

I feel like everything is backwards in NY state when it comes to Medical Marijuana. I am only now being able to consume and buy whole flower at the dispensary. Which I found odd since that’s what you get after growing and curing. All the other ways to consume have some kind of process behind them. Hell even the ground flower needed to go into a grinder before they can put it in a container. So that’s why I find it odd that it took me sooo long to actually get some in my hands. Alright enough backstory let’s get to the review. I bought this at my local Curaleaf for $50 for the 1/8. Which is quite pricey when you add that up and figure an ounce is $400. Again NY is clueless when it comes to anything cannabis related whether it be medical or recreational. Moving on… The flower comes in the same generic container as all the rest, nothing really special to look at. Maybe it’s done on purpose. Who knows? When opening the container I was greeted by a very pleasant berry aroma and some nice looking cannabis. This is one of my few complaints. While being nice looking, they still don’t match up in size to what I can buy in legal states or even grow, so why spend money in NY? Maybe because I’m stupid or maybe I just like watching progress… very slow and painful, but moving forward progress. The Flower was dry on the outside, but it grinded down very nicely and was definitely sticky. Tried it out first in the Pax to see if the taste matched the smell. The taste after the first hit was blueberry and not some shitty artificial tasting blueberry, but a fresh from the farm like blueberry. Which totally blew me away because I’ve tried everything else that NY has to offer in the Blue Dream line up and it tasted nothing like this. Super smooth and enjoyable to smoke. After one round of the Pax device there was a little head high and with a touch of bliss. Next up tried it out in a joint to see if that amazing blueberry taste came through when lit. First hit was just as tasty as on the Pax. By the time the joint was done I was feeling like nothing could bother me. I was a nice head high, but one that you can definitely get shit done with. Over all this is my favorite purchase from NY state to date. From flavor, to smell and the effects this is definitely one you’ll want to go try. Till time Stay Lit.


How Cannabis saved my life

In case you guys didn’t know I’m quite the pothead. My love for Mary Jane started when I was a youthful little stoner. I can say I’ve been one long before I even learned about the plant having medical benefits. You learn from early on this isn’t that bad drug they preached about in school or even on TV. The first time I smoked it was magical and freeing feeling. I felt happy and upbeat and at the same time thinking to myself “how is this bad for you”. I can say I was more the recreational smoker when I was younger than I am now. I think the worse thing I did to myself was getting hooked on opiates for my pain and not looking into other things. Things that were always there for me before and I didn’t realize because who the hell was talking medical cannabis in New York state in 2008 for pain? No one was. It was how many Percocet can I get each month or Percocet not working how about you try Dilaudid or Morphine. All which I’ve unfortunately taken, plus lots of others. When I was cut off from my doctor after 7+ years on opiates, I went through the withdrawals without anything. It was number 2 on the worst 2 weeks in my life and trust me I’ve been through some shit medically, but thats another blog. I even started talking to my pain doctor about switching to medical marijuana which he supported, but chronic pain still wasn’t a condition at the time, so you get Fentanyl patches and more Percocet. After getting off pills I was still in pain, but I knew I never wanted to go back to them, so I welcomed back an old friend. When I say cannabis saved my life, I genuinely believe that. After getting off the opiates I turned to drinking for a little bit for my pain, which isn’t a smart thing. I ended up gaining 60lbs and feeling like shit. I know I had to do something, so I started researching health benefits of cannabis and negatives. Honestly lots of positives and the negatives are minor compared to some of the other shit I was prescribed. I slowly started adding cannabis into my daily life again and boy did I miss it. The more I consumed cannabis the less I wanted to drink, till I stopped all together. I won’t touch alcohol now because I cant even stand the smell. After time I noticed I was feeling better mentally and physically. I started becoming more motivated and wanted to move around more. I was able to focus on tasks and be me again. Since I started using cannabis daily I’ve been able to drop the 60lbs I gained and then some, raise my heart function 10% (my heart issues are a whole other series by them self), and help me learn how to deal with my pain rather then mask it with pills. It still annoys me that this plant with so many medical benefits is viewed as being more additive than cocaine, oxycodone, or even morphine. I can tell you from personal experience thats the furthest thing from the truth. I can go days without consuming cannabis. Will I be slightly on edge of course, but it won’t be because I forgot to take my dose and my body goes into a tailspin. It’s more like my body is in pain and I’m uncomfortable, not I’m hot, then cold, nose running, throwing up everything thats not in my system and my personal favorite the paranoia, which was day and night for 2 weeks straight. Over the past 6 years I’ve made it a goal of mine to learn everything and anything I can cannabis related and the best part is that there’s always something new to learn. Till next time. Stay lit.


My current grow

I currently have a grow in my big tent and the girls are into their second week of flower. There was some challenges with this grow. I originally wanted to do 3 plants, but had issues with germinating the seeds, so I settled with 2. The first one is Northern Lights and the other is Lemon Kush. The Northern Lights I’ve never grown before, but I’m amazed at how well its growing. I might say that a bit also. My eyes still light up when I see a new seedling popping up or the first signs of the plant flowering. When you do something you love it never gets boring or old. Lemon Kush was actually in my last grow, but it out grew my tent and away from the lights. The buds were airy and didn’t dry properly, but what made me want to grow them again is the side of the size of the buds and the amazing lemon taste and smell they had.

Trying to keep the Lemon Kush from growing into the grow light
Left side Amnesia Haze, right side Lemon Kush

I have both plants in 5 Gallon fabric pots, with Brut Super Soil. I used that soil with the Lemon Kush grow and had really good results. I also had an Amnesia Haze going which was my best looking grow to date. On top of the soil I’m using Botanicare Cal-Mag plus and Botanicare Pure Blend Grow for the veg stage and Botanicare Pure Blend Pro bloom soil formula 1-4-5. This grow is more or less me getting a feel for my new tent. I’m used to growing in a 2x2x4 tent, so I’m still getting used to having a lot more room. The Northern Lights had about a week on the Lemon Kush do to that germination issue I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I stretched these girls out with a trellis netting since I’ve done that in previous grows with success. I trimmed up the bottom of the plants before I switched them over to flower. Theses girls are currently in week 2 of flower stretching out and starting to show some stigmas. I’ll probably write up another blog on this grow after these are done growing and being processed. Till then as always, Stay lit.


Reviewing Curaleaf DTA (Durban Thai) Whole Flower

Video of the review

I went to my local Be. dispensary and grabbed me some Curaleaf DTA whole flower. The price at Be. is a little inflated, but with my discount it’s just a little cheaper then what Curaleaf is charging in the store. The container is your typical Curaleaf container, which are kind of boring if you ask me. On the sticker there is basic information on the strain. What strain is in the container, THC %, doses and when it was tested. There still isn’t that much information being put on these which is depressing, given the fact that I can buy from my neighboring state recreationally and get everything thing I would want to know on the side of it, but here in NY we are still struggling. Moving on to whats inside. When I opened this I was hit with the best smelling cannabis from a New York dispensary hands down and one look inside made me think things might be getting better.

The flower had a smell that reminded me of Juicy Fruit gum. The flowers we’re full looking well trimmed, loaded with beautiful trichomes and had the perfect squeeze to them. After grinding it up, I packed my bong and also packed my Puri5. I figured might as well put it to the test and try it out a couple ways, plus I figured I’d get more of a flavor profile from the Puri5. First rip on the bong was smooth and tasty. The sweetness in the taste came out even more when I hit the Puri5. After a couple 5 minute seshs on the Puri5 and a few bong rips I was felling pretty upbeat, and happy which you can see at the end of the video. As the high wore down I noticed my self focused and completing tasks without effort.

This is a rather short review since I really have nothing bad to say about this strain or flower. As we said in the video this is a 5 out of 5 on The Medical Grind leaf scale, cant complain. If you have a Curaleaf by you, or a Be. I’d definitely go pick some up. Great day time medicine for staying upbeat and focused.

Till next time, Stay lit


Reviewing my Puri5 Deja Vu

So one of the biggest questions I get on youtube is whats the vape you’re using? They would be referring to the Puri5 Deja Vu I use in my ground flower videos. I originally got this vape when I first started hearing rumors of us getting ground flower that we could only vape. Only in New York… I did my research, watched some videos and thought this was different because of the bubbler attachment. I bought it online since didn’t see it in any of the local vape shops. I waited a few days and it was in my hands ready to go. I tested it out on some flower I had laying around and was quite impressed with the taste, and hit that I got from the device. I set it up for a five minute sesh and haven’t changed that since I bought it. I have the temp set at 410f and I get hits for the full 5 minutes. It came with an attachment for using it with concentrates. I used it a couple times but wasn’t too fond of and thought it worked better with the flower. I’ve had this for maybe 3 years now and the only issue I’ve had with it so far is the bubbler attachment and that was my fault for breaking it. Overall it’s a great for flower not so much for the concentrates. The Puri5 Deja Vu Gives you great hits, good battery life and great taste. The only issue is they don’t make them anymore so cant tell you to go ry them out. I think it might be time for a new one.

Heres are a couple videos I use the Puri5 Deja Vu in


For the love of growing

So a little bit about me. I started growing not long after getting my medical card. I decided to start growing because the price of everything between the doctors not being covered by insurance, paying for that certification and of course the medication. I haven’t worked in over 9 years now because of obvious medical conditions, but yet keep getting denied for disability. So anyway I can save money I will. Plus I get to learn how to grow my favorite plant, so win win in my book. When I stared I had NO idea what the hell I was doing. I didn’t have a lot of space to grow since my wife wasn’t willing to have a big grow tent in the middle of the house, so I had to clear a spot in my closet to fit a 2’x2’x4’. Did some research and bought a tent, pots, soil and a light. After searching around I found some cheaper seeds and I had everything I needed to start growing. My set up was basic and the plants vegged out nicely, but wasn’t too sure on how to train the the plants or even prune them. When it came to flowering I had no idea how long to let them go, what I’m looking for, how to prune the plants, I knew nothing. At the time of harvest the flowers small and not at all dense. After drying and curing they were ok, but nothing like what I was seeing in pictures and videos. I did more research, fine tuned my tent with a better light, better soil and grew my next round. At the time I started to experiment with different things to see what happens. One thing I wasn’t doing was moving my light with the plant. By moving my light closer the plant grew faster, which is a good thing but I had to make sure I checked it every couple days or the plant will grow into the light. Also important in the flowering process. Case in point, my last grow I had a lemon kush going and an amnesia haze. The haze didn’t stretch out as much as the kush and started growing above the light. My only problem was no more room in my tent to move the light up so those buds weren’t as nice as they could be. The amnesia haze was a great looking at the end nice dense buds, the kind of weed you would be proud to say you grew. Lemon kush on the other hand looked like weed you grow when your learning. The buds are big but not dense by any means, still makes you feel good. In the end growing is all about trial and error. There are some basics for growing you should stick with, but after that it’s all on you to make them flourish. I’ve gotten to the point we’re I have 2 tents going one in the flower cycle and the other has 2 plants vegging out amazingly. I enjoy every day waking up and seeing my plants progress and look forward to that time of day were I can tend to them. Believe it or not it’s quite the stress reliever to just be in tune with your plants. I’ll be talking more about these current grows in the next few days, and getting more into growing and the whole process real soon.


How The Medical Grind started

I started my journey in the the world of social media because I couldn’t find anyone else giving reviews on the products being sold in my state. I’ve been a certified medical marijuana patient in New York state for almost 5 years now. In New York, my qualifying conditions are IBS, chronic pain, and opioid use disorder. When I started the program it was a lot different then it currently is. You needed to get a doctors recommendation to actually go see a doctor who was certified in prescribing marijuana. After my visit I waited a good week for that doctor to get the paper work to the state and get the process moving. Now I video chat with a doctor I see once a year for that certification and they email it to me before the call is even over. After waiting all that time, I was happy that I was finally able to go to a dispensary and pick out some products. The only issue was the only ones around where a hour north of me or a hour south of me. I choose to go south in White Plains because I knew the area. After chatting with the pharmacist, I was able to pick the products I wanted to try. The selection were limited. The choices were vape, tincture, or pills and they were either low CBD high THC, balanced or high CBD low THC. I decided to try the the balanced which is equal THC to CBD ratio and the high THC vape cartridges. I had high hopes for them since I enjoyed the carts I tried from the other states. Unfortunately I was disappointed, which is a common theme I’ve found with this program. After trying them out more, I noticed they weren’t for me. I stopped using my medical for awhile until I had a Be. dispensary open up walking distance from me. I decided to try what they were offering and see if things had changed with the products. At that time, I also had the idea to record my thoughts on the carts that I was trying since I found nothing else on YouTube on the program or products. That video took a while to take off which is why it took me so long to do another one. After I got a few views and comments I felt like it was time to make another video. I was hearing about them finally releasing ground flower after it being over a year since I read an article talking about it being released and that it can only be vaped. I even bought me a dry herb vape that I kind of forgot about until I started making the ground flower videos. After doing a couple ground flower videos, I moved to vape carts again since I noticed changes. We were finally getting informed if they were sativa, indica or hybrid and these weird 3 letter abbreviations for strain names. After doing a few reviews, I started to notice a few things. 1 the quality wasn’t as good as what I can by on the street, 2 I was paying way too much for what I was getting and 3 the effects weren’t as strong and didn’t last. Oh yea I forgot to mention everything tasted the same to me which lead me to start being more bias to the program. I had hopes when I saw things change, but soon realized nothing really change at all. It was the same shit just presented in a different way. As the page started to grow, I found someone else to come along for the ride and give his personal experience and input into the reviews and the program. Around that time, I realized I wanted to expand this to not just the NY medical program, but the cannabis culture. That leaves us where we are today, expanding as the program does. I found a fellow patient to join me on this journey as we expand and cant wait to see what the future holds.