How The Medical Grind started

I started my journey in the the world of social media because I couldn’t find anyone else giving reviews on the products being sold in my state. I’ve been a certified medical marijuana patient in New York state for almost 5 years now. In New York, my qualifying conditions are IBS, chronic pain, and opioid use disorder. When I started the program it was a lot different then it currently is. You needed to get a doctors recommendation to actually go see a doctor who was certified in prescribing marijuana. After my visit I waited a good week for that doctor to get the paper work to the state and get the process moving. Now I video chat with a doctor I see once a year for that certification and they email it to me before the call is even over. After waiting all that time, I was happy that I was finally able to go to a dispensary and pick out some products. The only issue was the only ones around where a hour north of me or a hour south of me. I choose to go south in White Plains because I knew the area. After chatting with the pharmacist, I was able to pick the products I wanted to try. The selection were limited. The choices were vape, tincture, or pills and they were either low CBD high THC, balanced or high CBD low THC. I decided to try the the balanced which is equal THC to CBD ratio and the high THC vape cartridges. I had high hopes for them since I enjoyed the carts I tried from the other states. Unfortunately I was disappointed, which is a common theme I’ve found with this program. After trying them out more, I noticed they weren’t for me. I stopped using my medical for awhile until I had a Be. dispensary open up walking distance from me. I decided to try what they were offering and see if things had changed with the products. At that time, I also had the idea to record my thoughts on the carts that I was trying since I found nothing else on YouTube on the program or products. That video took a while to take off which is why it took me so long to do another one. After I got a few views and comments I felt like it was time to make another video. I was hearing about them finally releasing ground flower after it being over a year since I read an article talking about it being released and that it can only be vaped. I even bought me a dry herb vape that I kind of forgot about until I started making the ground flower videos. After doing a couple ground flower videos, I moved to vape carts again since I noticed changes. We were finally getting informed if they were sativa, indica or hybrid and these weird 3 letter abbreviations for strain names. After doing a few reviews, I started to notice a few things. 1 the quality wasn’t as good as what I can by on the street, 2 I was paying way too much for what I was getting and 3 the effects weren’t as strong and didn’t last. Oh yea I forgot to mention everything tasted the same to me which lead me to start being more bias to the program. I had hopes when I saw things change, but soon realized nothing really change at all. It was the same shit just presented in a different way. As the page started to grow, I found someone else to come along for the ride and give his personal experience and input into the reviews and the program. Around that time, I realized I wanted to expand this to not just the NY medical program, but the cannabis culture. That leaves us where we are today, expanding as the program does. I found a fellow patient to join me on this journey as we expand and cant wait to see what the future holds.

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