For the love of growing

So a little bit about me. I started growing not long after getting my medical card. I decided to start growing because the price of everything between the doctors not being covered by insurance, paying for that certification and of course the medication. I haven’t worked in over 9 years now because of obvious medical conditions, but yet keep getting denied for disability. So anyway I can save money I will. Plus I get to learn how to grow my favorite plant, so win win in my book. When I stared I had NO idea what the hell I was doing. I didn’t have a lot of space to grow since my wife wasn’t willing to have a big grow tent in the middle of the house, so I had to clear a spot in my closet to fit a 2’x2’x4’. Did some research and bought a tent, pots, soil and a light. After searching around I found some cheaper seeds and I had everything I needed to start growing. My set up was basic and the plants vegged out nicely, but wasn’t too sure on how to train the the plants or even prune them. When it came to flowering I had no idea how long to let them go, what I’m looking for, how to prune the plants, I knew nothing. At the time of harvest the flowers small and not at all dense. After drying and curing they were ok, but nothing like what I was seeing in pictures and videos. I did more research, fine tuned my tent with a better light, better soil and grew my next round. At the time I started to experiment with different things to see what happens. One thing I wasn’t doing was moving my light with the plant. By moving my light closer the plant grew faster, which is a good thing but I had to make sure I checked it every couple days or the plant will grow into the light. Also important in the flowering process. Case in point, my last grow I had a lemon kush going and an amnesia haze. The haze didn’t stretch out as much as the kush and started growing above the light. My only problem was no more room in my tent to move the light up so those buds weren’t as nice as they could be. The amnesia haze was a great looking at the end nice dense buds, the kind of weed you would be proud to say you grew. Lemon kush on the other hand looked like weed you grow when your learning. The buds are big but not dense by any means, still makes you feel good. In the end growing is all about trial and error. There are some basics for growing you should stick with, but after that it’s all on you to make them flourish. I’ve gotten to the point we’re I have 2 tents going one in the flower cycle and the other has 2 plants vegging out amazingly. I enjoy every day waking up and seeing my plants progress and look forward to that time of day were I can tend to them. Believe it or not it’s quite the stress reliever to just be in tune with your plants. I’ll be talking more about these current grows in the next few days, and getting more into growing and the whole process real soon.

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