Reviewing my Puri5 Deja Vu

So one of the biggest questions I get on youtube is whats the vape you’re using? They would be referring to the Puri5 Deja Vu I use in my ground flower videos. I originally got this vape when I first started hearing rumors of us getting ground flower that we could only vape. Only in New York… I did my research, watched some videos and thought this was different because of the bubbler attachment. I bought it online since didn’t see it in any of the local vape shops. I waited a few days and it was in my hands ready to go. I tested it out on some flower I had laying around and was quite impressed with the taste, and hit that I got from the device. I set it up for a five minute sesh and haven’t changed that since I bought it. I have the temp set at 410f and I get hits for the full 5 minutes. It came with an attachment for using it with concentrates. I used it a couple times but wasn’t too fond of and thought it worked better with the flower. I’ve had this for maybe 3 years now and the only issue I’ve had with it so far is the bubbler attachment and that was my fault for breaking it. Overall it’s a great for flower not so much for the concentrates. The Puri5 Deja Vu Gives you great hits, good battery life and great taste. The only issue is they don’t make them anymore so cant tell you to go ry them out. I think it might be time for a new one.

Heres are a couple videos I use the Puri5 Deja Vu in

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