Reviewing Curaleaf DTA (Durban Thai) Whole Flower

Video of the review

I went to my local Be. dispensary and grabbed me some Curaleaf DTA whole flower. The price at Be. is a little inflated, but with my discount it’s just a little cheaper then what Curaleaf is charging in the store. The container is your typical Curaleaf container, which are kind of boring if you ask me. On the sticker there is basic information on the strain. What strain is in the container, THC %, doses and when it was tested. There still isn’t that much information being put on these which is depressing, given the fact that I can buy from my neighboring state recreationally and get everything thing I would want to know on the side of it, but here in NY we are still struggling. Moving on to whats inside. When I opened this I was hit with the best smelling cannabis from a New York dispensary hands down and one look inside made me think things might be getting better.

The flower had a smell that reminded me of Juicy Fruit gum. The flowers we’re full looking well trimmed, loaded with beautiful trichomes and had the perfect squeeze to them. After grinding it up, I packed my bong and also packed my Puri5. I figured might as well put it to the test and try it out a couple ways, plus I figured I’d get more of a flavor profile from the Puri5. First rip on the bong was smooth and tasty. The sweetness in the taste came out even more when I hit the Puri5. After a couple 5 minute seshs on the Puri5 and a few bong rips I was felling pretty upbeat, and happy which you can see at the end of the video. As the high wore down I noticed my self focused and completing tasks without effort.

This is a rather short review since I really have nothing bad to say about this strain or flower. As we said in the video this is a 5 out of 5 on The Medical Grind leaf scale, cant complain. If you have a Curaleaf by you, or a Be. I’d definitely go pick some up. Great day time medicine for staying upbeat and focused.

Till next time, Stay lit

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