My current grow

I currently have a grow in my big tent and the girls are into their second week of flower. There was some challenges with this grow. I originally wanted to do 3 plants, but had issues with germinating the seeds, so I settled with 2. The first one is Northern Lights and the other is Lemon Kush. The Northern Lights I’ve never grown before, but I’m amazed at how well its growing. I might say that a bit also. My eyes still light up when I see a new seedling popping up or the first signs of the plant flowering. When you do something you love it never gets boring or old. Lemon Kush was actually in my last grow, but it out grew my tent and away from the lights. The buds were airy and didn’t dry properly, but what made me want to grow them again is the side of the size of the buds and the amazing lemon taste and smell they had.

Trying to keep the Lemon Kush from growing into the grow light
Left side Amnesia Haze, right side Lemon Kush

I have both plants in 5 Gallon fabric pots, with Brut Super Soil. I used that soil with the Lemon Kush grow and had really good results. I also had an Amnesia Haze going which was my best looking grow to date. On top of the soil I’m using Botanicare Cal-Mag plus and Botanicare Pure Blend Grow for the veg stage and Botanicare Pure Blend Pro bloom soil formula 1-4-5. This grow is more or less me getting a feel for my new tent. I’m used to growing in a 2x2x4 tent, so I’m still getting used to having a lot more room. The Northern Lights had about a week on the Lemon Kush do to that germination issue I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I stretched these girls out with a trellis netting since I’ve done that in previous grows with success. I trimmed up the bottom of the plants before I switched them over to flower. Theses girls are currently in week 2 of flower stretching out and starting to show some stigmas. I’ll probably write up another blog on this grow after these are done growing and being processed. Till then as always, Stay lit.

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