How Cannabis saved my life


In case you guys didn’t know I’m quite the pothead. My love for Mary Jane started when I was a youthful little stoner. I can say I’ve been one long before I even learned about the plant having medical benefits. You learn from early on this isn’t that bad drug they preached about in school or even on TV. The first time I smoked it was magical and freeing feeling. I felt happy and upbeat and at the same time thinking to myself “how is this bad for you”. I can say I was more the recreational smoker when I was younger than I am now. I think the worse thing I did to myself was getting hooked on opiates for my pain and not looking into other things. Things that were always there for me before and I didn’t realize because who the hell was talking medical cannabis in New York state in 2008 for pain? No one was. It was how many Percocet can I get each month or Percocet not working how about you try Dilaudid or Morphine. All which I’ve unfortunately taken, plus lots of others. When I was cut off from my doctor after 7+ years on opiates, I went through the withdrawals without anything. It was number 2 on the worst 2 weeks in my life and trust me I’ve been through some shit medically, but thats another blog. I even started talking to my pain doctor about switching to medical marijuana which he supported, but chronic pain still wasn’t a condition at the time, so you get Fentanyl patches and more Percocet. After getting off pills I was still in pain, but I knew I never wanted to go back to them, so I welcomed back an old friend. When I say cannabis saved my life, I genuinely believe that. After getting off the opiates I turned to drinking for a little bit for my pain, which isn’t a smart thing. I ended up gaining 60lbs and feeling like shit. I know I had to do something, so I started researching health benefits of cannabis and negatives. Honestly lots of positives and the negatives are minor compared to some of the other shit I was prescribed. I slowly started adding cannabis into my daily life again and boy did I miss it. The more I consumed cannabis the less I wanted to drink, till I stopped all together. I won’t touch alcohol now because I cant even stand the smell. After time I noticed I was feeling better mentally and physically. I started becoming more motivated and wanted to move around more. I was able to focus on tasks and be me again. Since I started using cannabis daily I’ve been able to drop the 60lbs I gained and then some, raise my heart function 10% (my heart issues are a whole other series by them self), and help me learn how to deal with my pain rather then mask it with pills. It still annoys me that this plant with so many medical benefits is viewed as being more additive than cocaine, oxycodone, or even morphine. I can tell you from personal experience thats the furthest thing from the truth. I can go days without consuming cannabis. Will I be slightly on edge of course, but it won’t be because I forgot to take my dose and my body goes into a tailspin. It’s more like my body is in pain and I’m uncomfortable, not I’m hot, then cold, nose running, throwing up everything thats not in my system and my personal favorite the paranoia, which was day and night for 2 weeks straight. Over the past 6 years I’ve made it a goal of mine to learn everything and anything I can cannabis related and the best part is that there’s always something new to learn. Till next time. Stay lit.

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