Reviewing Curaleaf Blue Dream Whole Flower

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I feel like everything is backwards in NY state when it comes to Medical Marijuana. I am only now being able to consume and buy whole flower at the dispensary. Which I found odd since that’s what you get after growing and curing. All the other ways to consume have some kind of process behind them. Hell even the ground flower needed to go into a grinder before they can put it in a container. So that’s why I find it odd that it took me sooo long to actually get some in my hands. Alright enough backstory let’s get to the review. I bought this at my local Curaleaf for $50 for the 1/8. Which is quite pricey when you add that up and figure an ounce is $400. Again NY is clueless when it comes to anything cannabis related whether it be medical or recreational. Moving on… The flower comes in the same generic container as all the rest, nothing really special to look at. Maybe it’s done on purpose. Who knows? When opening the container I was greeted by a very pleasant berry aroma and some nice looking cannabis. This is one of my few complaints. While being nice looking, they still don’t match up in size to what I can buy in legal states or even grow, so why spend money in NY? Maybe because I’m stupid or maybe I just like watching progress… very slow and painful, but moving forward progress. The Flower was dry on the outside, but it grinded down very nicely and was definitely sticky. Tried it out first in the Pax to see if the taste matched the smell. The taste after the first hit was blueberry and not some shitty artificial tasting blueberry, but a fresh from the farm like blueberry. Which totally blew me away because I’ve tried everything else that NY has to offer in the Blue Dream line up and it tasted nothing like this. Super smooth and enjoyable to smoke. After one round of the Pax device there was a little head high and with a touch of bliss. Next up tried it out in a joint to see if that amazing blueberry taste came through when lit. First hit was just as tasty as on the Pax. By the time the joint was done I was feeling like nothing could bother me. I was a nice head high, but one that you can definitely get shit done with. Over all this is my favorite purchase from NY state to date. From flavor, to smell and the effects this is definitely one you’ll want to go try. Till time Stay Lit.

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