Reviewing Vireo Whole Flower

I got 2 for 1 in this post. I will be reviewing Vireo Princess Haze (PHA) and Sweet Afghan Delicious (SAF) whole flower. The first thing I noticed with these containers is that they don’t have that same boring look to them like the Curaleaf containers. These look more modern and more pleasing to the eye, unlike the generic teal Curaleaf containers. It also reads easier on the label. On the Curaleaf container it reads if its an indica, sativa or hybrid in smaller font. In the biggest font WHOLE FLOWER and below that in even smaller text than the indica premium cannabis and the weight. All the information is stuck on with a shitty printed label that is half legible do to the ink being faded. With the Vireo container the safety seal tells you what type of strain you have in your hand(indica, sativa or hybrid) and it reads a lot better. The company name is right upfront under that again what type of flower in big bold letters and under that in a bigger font than Curaleaf cannabis flower and the weight. The printed label with the strain name and THC and CBD content is just as clear as the rest of the text on the bottle, so hats off to you guys for keeping consistent unlike Curaleaf.

Vireo Princess Haze(PHA)
Vireo Sweet Afghan Delicious(SAF)

Alright lets get into the reviewing. First is the Vireo Princess Haze (PHA) which you can find the video of this review here:

This was my first look at any Vireo flower product. I didn’t bother with the ground flower because I felt after doing so many Curaleaf ground flower reviews, I was just reviewing the same thing with a different name, so why bother going to a different dispensary to get disappointed. I got the package details out of the way in the beginning, so let’s get into the flower. By far the best looking whole flower product I’ve seen to date come out of New York state’s medical marijuana program. This looks and smells like what we should have been able to get since day ONE. The smell was sweet and pleasant and the buds were amazingly trimmed as opposed to the Curaleaf flower I’ve been seeing. After grinding it the bud was nice and clumpy and the smell became even more intense. Tried it out in the Pax3 first. After hitting it the first couple times I noticed the only flaw in the strain. FLAVOR. The strain had a very mild, soft taste to it, which I am not really used to when consuming cannabis. For me, I like enjoying every aspect of the plant. From germinating the seeds, to vegging, flowering drying, curing and then finally consuming I love the process, but I still wonder how can you have this amazing looking strain with no flavor, kinda weird. With all that being said I got a heady high and little boost of energy, so it’s a good strain, but the lack of flavor throws it off a little for me. I would definitely go check this out if you can, I’d say its worth it.

Vireo Princess Haze flower

Alright part 2 of this review. The next strain I checked out was Sweet Afghan Delicious (SAF) whole flower. Video of the review can be found here:

Alright we are starting right away with the flower. This is Sweet Afghan Delicious (SAF) which is a hybrid, but more on the indica side even though you wouldn’t know that if you just looked at the container. There is such thing as a balanced Hybrid which is 50% Indica and 50 % Sativa. There is also Sativa dominate hybrid which is over 50% Sativa and less than 50% Indica and there is Indica dominate hybrids which are the opposite of the Sativa. Thats just one of many issues with this program. Generalization remember that word kids because thats what this program is until some big changes are made. This flower looked just as amazing as the last one we just talked about with Vireo. The bud size, trim job, lack of any shake in the container, and smell was enough to make me question what the fuck is Curaleaf doing. Do they not care about what they put out? Cant be I’ve seen and tried whole flower for Curaleaf in other states and it was way better then what is offered here. Is it just New York state? It’s hard to get a good grasp on this program, so let’s more on with the review. These buds looked even more pretty than the last batch of Vireo I tried. It kinda gave me that feeling like this is where we should have been, why did it take so long to get there? These smelled more earthy and amazing like the last ones, making me think that hour ride isn’t so bad if this is what I am going to get. Smoked it out of the Pax and wow what a taste. On the exhale there is this lemon like flavor and then in the back of your throat is this feeling of black pepper, it’s different but in a good way. This is a nice INDICA dominate hybrid that made me feel relaxed and just put me in a good mood. Another one I would recommend from Vireo for the taste, look and overall effects. Vireo is looking very nice in terms of their trim jobs and over all quality of medicine they are putting out. Only down fall is how many are in the state, but thats not just Vireo thats all dispensary’s in this state there just isn’t enough.

Till next time, Stay Lit

Vireo Sweet Afghan Delicious (SAF)
Back of Princess Haze (PHA) bottle
Back of Sweet Afghan Delicious (SAF) bottle

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