A month in with my Puffco Peak Pro

So for you guys that don’t watch me on YouTube, I named myself dabosaurus rex. (Yes as egotistic as that might seem.) Over 95% of my daily consumption is dabbing on something, so it was only fitting. I’ve tested so many things out for smoking concentrates and killed all of them. By killing them I mean I’ve either burned a coil out or gummed up parts that aren’t supposed to be with reclaim and so on. I’ve use the classic rig set up with banger, terp slurper, terp balls in the banger and while they work nicely they don’t stay clean very long. Another issue which is a common one is the reclaim build up and resin left after using.

After trying cheaper alternatives and most of them not lasting more than a day or couple weeks, I decided to get a Puffco Peak Pro. I paid just over $400 which is average price for the unit. It comes with a nice hard plastic case to bring it anywhere. Inside is a nice formed mold so the unit stays snug while in transport and 2 compartments for storing charger and cleaning swabs. Now it was time to test it out. I downloaded the app, which by the way is fun to play with and started it up. I figured I’d leave everything stock to try it out then play around with it after I got a feel for it. I figured I’d start on the lowest setting and work my way up. First hit was nice and flavorful, not harsh or burned like if you over heat on your dab rig or nectar collector. I hit the Puffco for the next 45 seconds and was amazed that I was able to get a good 5 hits from the device. All the hits were just as good as the first and when I was done you wipe the bowl clean and ready to go again. I skipped the next couple settings and decided to go full blast and see what happens. First hit I got a massive amount of vapor on the exhale and good flavor, but noticed it was a little burnt tasting. As the time wore down I noticed that it started tasting more burnt, so I never use it on full heat.

I started messing around with the temperature settings and found for me my sweet spot is around 490 – 510f. So far I’ve had this for about 5 weeks now and it is the only thing I’ve been smoking my concentrates out of. I put in 915 dabs as the app tells me and I average 19.4 dabs a day incase you were wondering. Which is weird because if you take the 40 days I’ve had the device and divide that by the 915 dabs you get 22.9 which isn’t 19.4. It also doesn’t take into account the ones I did when I went away and didn’t have wifi or cell service, so I had to use it by pushing buttons on the unit. I started to notice around the 500 dab area that my ideal temperature was starting to taste burnt, so I had to lower the temperature and now at 900+ I’m even lower and probably need a new atomizer. I’ve even managed to break the glass, which was an expensive mistake at over $140, so make sure you don’t do that. I’m also noticing reclaim building up and messing things up with the connections and air flow, so that also needs to be cleaned for peak performance.

Overall probably the best thing I’ve bought so far for dabbing. Still haven’t killed it and this the only thing I’ve been using for over a month now and it hasn’t let me down yet. It’s a more expensive than most, but well worth it. App control is a little bit of a pain if you don’t have cell service or wifi, so learn how to work the unit manually and you’ll be fine.

Till next time, Stay Lit

first broken glass
new glass 3 weeks in
the top brand-new, the bottom close to 1000 dabs
reclaim removed from a months worth a use

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