Grow updates

So since last time we spoke I harvested the Northern Lights and Lemon Kush. I only vegged these girls out for a month in a half to see how things would go in my new set up. They both did well, but not good as I hope for. The Lemon Kush didn’t give me the large dense buds I got in my smaller tent and I got about the same yield. I got a little more then an ounce which is around the same amount as in smaller tent, but I let it veg longer in the smaller tent with less soil, so it definitely could heave benefitted from vegging longer. The Northern Lights did a little better with a little more than 2 ounces from about the same amount of veg time. One pleasant surprise I got from the Northern Lights was the color change. I put the Northern Lights and Lemon Kush in 9 weeks of flowering and at the beginning of week 8 the leaves on the Northern Lights started to turn purple.

My new grow is of White Thunder and another round of Amnesia Haze. I just switched the White Thunder to flower after about 3 months of vegging. The White Thunder is a bushy indica, so it took a little longer for it to stretch out to where I wanted it to be. I was originally going to let it go and bring it outside, but I got new things going out there. I’ll be growing outdoor this summer and I’ll be keeping you up to date. I also got some auto flowers that I will be growing for the first time, so that should be lots of fun. Back to the growing… The Haze has been growing for just as long as the White Thunder, but what a difference. The Haze being a sativa has really been stretching and growing. I put a trellis netting in to help train the plant and its just stretching the whole width of my tent. I’ll probably flip this over in another month or so when the weather is nicer out and I can bring my clones outside safely. Thats another new thing for me, making clones. Cant wait to see how they turn out.

Thats all for now. Make sure you check back as the weather gets nicer because I’ll be bringing the clones outside and growing some new plants. Plus I’ll have flowering updates from the White Thunder grow and Amnesia Haze. Till next time. Stay lit.

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