The flaws in New York’s Medical Marijuana program

If you’re some one that’s not a medical patient in New York, you would probably think that the states medical marijuana program is just like any other states, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.  New York has the most restrictive medical marijuana program out of all the states that offer the program.  With the lack of products offered and the very slow roll out of new forms of consumption, this program needs an overhaul.

 I’ve been a patient in the program now for 5 years and rely on buying my medicine from other states; I’m not the only one.  The state has some of the highest prices when it comes to medicine and a very limited amount of dispensary’s spread out though the state.  For reference New York charges 65 – 75 dollars for a half a gram of cannabis oil.  Our neighboring state Massachusetts charges 45 – 60 dollars for that same half gram.  If you live in some parts of the state, the closest dispensary is 4 hours away.  With it being that far away, why are you going to spend money on a yearly script? Most people who need this can’t drive that far. 

Even before I got certified to become a patient, I was talking to doctors who told me get the card things are going to change you’ll be getting edibles and flower, which 6 years later still aren’t offered in the program.  It was only late last year that New York finally stated offering its patients access to whole flower.  They have also been dragging their feet over patients being able to grow at home.  When New York announced legalization for recreational cannabis they also said were going to allow patients to start growing at home come October.  Shortly after New York legalized Connecticut followed suit also granting their patients access to start growing in October.  A year later and patients in Connecticut have been growing since October and patients in New York are still waiting.

As a medical marijuana patient, I would love to see many improvements to the NY Medical Marijuana program.  To start, the pricing could be lowered.  It could also get better by forms of consumption.  Also having more dispensaries around the state would make it easier for patients to purchase the products they need. Hopefully, we will see many improvements in the program soon.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the program positive or negative, I love to know what your thoughts are.  Till next time stay lit.

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