How Cannabis saved my life

In case you guys didn’t know I’m quite the pothead. My love for Mary Jane started when I was a youthful little stoner. I can say I’ve been one long before I even learned about the plant having medical benefits. You learn from early on this isn’t that bad drug they preached about in schoolContinue reading “How Cannabis saved my life”

Reviewing my Puri5 Deja Vu

So one of the biggest questions I get on youtube is whats the vape you’re using? They would be referring to the Puri5 Deja Vu I use in my ground flower videos. I originally got this vape when I first started hearing rumors of us getting ground flower that we could only vape. Only inContinue reading “Reviewing my Puri5 Deja Vu”

For the love of growing

So a little bit about me. I started growing not long after getting my medical card. I decided to start growing because the price of everything between the doctors not being covered by insurance, paying for that certification and of course the medication. I haven’t worked in over 9 years now because of obvious medicalContinue reading “For the love of growing”

How The Medical Grind started

I started my journey in the the world of social media because I couldn’t find anyone else giving reviews on the products being sold in my state. I’ve been a certified medical marijuana patient in New York state for almost 5 years now. In New York, my qualifying conditions are IBS, chronic pain, and opioidContinue reading “How The Medical Grind started”