Spring time is grow time

My 4 autoflowers looking good.
Week 3 of flower.
Check this out.
outdoor growing
It’s spring time and it’s time to grow some medicine outside…technically there is also indoor grows, but the outdoor season lets me grow the plants a lot bigger outside and just be able to grow a lot more.  I consume more concentrates and edibles for my conditions, which requires more cannabis to grown since it takes roughly 7 grams of flower to make 1 gram of shatter and making edibles in general takes a good amount of cannabis to achieve the right dose.  With that being said I have a few clones going outside and I’m quite happy with them.  This is the first couple plants that I tried to clone its worked great so far.  I just harvested the White Thunder and have an Amnesia Haze in flower.  I actually took one of the clones from the Haze and planted in a solo cup to see what would happen.  Amazingly it grew really well.  It needs to be watered just about everyday, but it doesn’t look bad and I’m interested to see the yield.  The clones outside are really taking off, I just topped a bunch of one of the Haze plants because it’s growing so fast.  I took a few clones and planted them in an empty 5 gallon planter and I took a couple clones and planted them outside in different areas of my yard, to see what will happen.  If you haven’t started your outdoor grows now…. DO it before you lose the season and your plant doesn’t have enough time to grow to give you a yield worth your time.  Growing cannabis is super rewarding and it helps give me something to look forward to everyday.  Whether it’s germinating, watering, trimming, transplanting, chopping it down, trimming it up, or best of all consuming it’s you time at the end of the day. I’ll give you an update on whats going on inside also.  I am growing autoflowers for the first time and impressed so far.  I planted 2 Royal Haze and 2 Blue Fruit into the soil and within 3 days all them were popping out of the soil.  I’m hoping those will be ready mid August, since they take 60 – 70 days to fully grow, flower and ready to be chopped, which is impressive.  I also have the solo cup grow which is a couple weeks ahead of my main Amnesia Haze which I vegged out for over 5 months.  I think that was a little too long for my tent, but it’s all about trial and error when growing and I learn from my mistakes and use them to grow better medicine. I’ll be back with updates come August when the autos will be done and the outdoor grows will be starting to flower.  Till next time…Stay Lit.

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