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August 5, 2022 0 Comments

The amazing Solo cup grow

When I am germinating my seeds or getting my clones to root I like to use solo cups.  They’re cheap, reusable, and apparently you can grow a whole plant in them, clone to flower.  When I was taking clones from my Amnesia Haze, I put quite a few in solo cups to root.  In total I got 7 clones that took.  4 went into 5 gallon planters, 1 went into a 1 gallon planter, 1 in a yogurt container(which is another blog in itself) and one I left in the solo cup.  I like to experiment with the planter I use.  I use different sizes to see what works best and if there is a difference between using one over the other.  I honestly went into it not knowing what would happen.  The first thing I thought was it was going to die because there’s no drainage and nowhere for the roots to expand.  I guess I was wrong.  As you can see from the pictures this was a longer grow, since I just clipped it and planted into the soil.  I did use some rooting powder on the ends that I clipped but that was it.  This was started in February and I didn’t harvest it until July.  I took a little time to take off but once it did, it did nothing but amaze me.  The plant grew tall, I was temped to top it, but figured I’d keep it simple for this grow.  I didn’t originally know how long I wanted it to grow.  She vegged out for around 3 months and I though it was getting tall and it might become too top heavy when I went into flower, so I moved her to my “flowering” tent (thats what it was being used for at the time).  I gave her a little trim at the bottom and then threw her into the 12/12 tent.  Over the next 2 months every time I would check her out I was amazed at what was growing in a solo cup, not to mention everyone who came over and saw my grows.  They couldn’t believe I was growing a plant like that in a solo cup.  During the last 3 weeks of flowering I moved her back to the big tent since I threw the mother into flower.  After 3 weeks in that tent she was ready to be harvested.  After chopping it down I checked the roots and they looked happy and stressed.  I guess this really could be a way to grow.  There was one amazing looking cola at the top and I should have weighed it after I trimmed it, but I didn’t and I smoked it.  I will have to do another one of these grows for you, but from seed and see what happens if I top it.  I will also be posting a review in the near future in the strain section giving my thoughts on the strain.

Till next time stay lit.

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